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Code for Good

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Think it. Code it.

Code for Good is your chance to use your tech skills to solve real-world problems and develop technology solutions for non-profit organizations. Over two days and one night, you’ll code alongside your peers, guided by our technology experts, and learn from the sharpest minds in our industry. Plus, with our recruiters in attendance, it’s a chance to impress and explore a career in technology with us.

The challenges we set are a platform for your creativity, vision and imagination. Your cutting-edge ideas could make a difference to the people who need it most. At the end of the event, you’ll present your solutions to technology leaders from our firm, as well as representatives from participating non-profits – with prizes being offered to the winning teams.

Upcoming Events

Plese register your interest for upcoming events here, and we will notify you when applications open.

  • Columbus, OH (Oct 2-3, 2015)
  • New York, NY (Oct 16-17, 2015)
  • Newark, DE (Oct 30-31, 2015)

Previous winners and their work

During the fall 2014 Code for Good events, over 215 students from 83 different colleges competed in Delaware, Ohio and New York to help 6 charities.

  • The winning team in Newark, Delaware, including students from University of Maryland, University of North Carolina, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Villanova University, created a texting app for iMentor. The app allows mentors and mentees to converse and further develop their relationships through a safe and secure texting environment. View photos from this event on our Technology Facebook page.
  • In Columbus, Ohio, the winning team of students utilized a responsive web design approach to create a solution for the National Wildlife Federation. They built their solution with the aim of crafting their site to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and desktops. View photos from this event on our Technology Facebook page.
  • The New York, New York winning team created an app allowing iMentor to score the alignment of email conversations between mentors and mentees against iMentor’s core curriculum. View photos from this event on our Technology Facebook page.

Technology for Social Good

Code for Good is organized by our Technology for Social Good team.

By understanding the incredible impact technology can have, we believe innovation can help communities and charities around the world. And as part of our commitment to having a positive impact on the world around us, we share our tech talent and expertise with non-profit organizations who can benefit from it. Some of our current Technology for Social Good initiatives include: